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More than 1.000 kilometres hiking trails across 3 different altitudes are waiting for you in Zillertal - one of the most popular hiking destinations thanks to the characteristic landscape.

  • Comfort & Relaxation - adventure trails on the valley floor
  • Experience & Pleasure - hiking trails from hut to hut
  • Adventure & Challenges - multi-day tours via three-thousanders

Interactive hiking map

Zillertal Activecard

  • If you can come for a week or longer, it's definitelly worth it to buy the Zillertal Activecard!
  • You can buy the card for 3, 6, 9 or 12 days.
  • detailed pricing you find HERE
  • Purchase two adult cards (parents), and children of 15 years old and younger get the card for free!
  • With the card you get:
    • One return cable-car trip per day – on any of the up to 10 cable cars of your choice
    • One free admission to one of the 6 outdoor swimming pools per day
    • Free use of public transportation (with the exception of the steam train)
    • Free admission to the observatory and planetarium at Koenigsleiten
    • At least 10 % discount at more than 70 partner establishments in the Zillertal

Opening times of Summer Cable Cars

Cycling &  Mountainbiking

Climbing & Via Ferrata

Climbing areas
... the surrounding of Mayrhofen and Hintertux
  • Himmelsleiter, Mayrhofen
    •  12 routes
    • difficulty  3+ - 7+
  • Gschöss-Penken, Mayrhofen
    • via the cable car Penken in Mayrhofen
    • 21 routes
    • difficulty 4 - 8
  • Knorren-Penken, Mayrhofen
    • via the cable car Penken in Mayrhofen
    • 21 routex
    • difficulty 4 - 9
  • Spannagel, Hintertux
    • via the cable car to the Gletscher or hike
    • difficulty 2 - 7
  • detailed overview

... the famous area of Ginzling Wald

  • Ewige Jagdgründe, Zemmgrund (Ginzling)
  • MAP
  • check the VIDEO 

Via Ferrata and adventure with stunning views

Equipped with a corresponding climbing set, consisting of helmet, chest and hip belt, including carabiners, safety ropes and gloves, the climbing tour can start. The path leads up, sometimes steeply, then on ladders or rungs, then along the rope, definitely double secured so that no one falls. Climbing is classified into different levels of difficulty from A for very easy to E for extem difficult, stressful and exhausting.

  • children Via Ferrata Spieljoch
    • you get there by the cable car from Fügen
    • difficulty A
  • Zimereben, Mayrhofen
    • 3 climbing routes
    • great restaurant in the finish
    • difficulty B -  D+
  • Gerlossteinwand, Haizenberg
    • long climbing route
    • you get there by cable car from Haizenbergu
    • difficulty  C/D
  • Pfeilspitzwand, Mayrhofen
    • you get there by cable car from Mayrhofen
    • difficulty B/C
  • Nasenwand, Ginzling
    • the hardest climbing route in Zillertal
    • difficulty 1st section C/D, 2nd section D/E
  • Riederklamm, Gerlos
    • 3 climbing routes
    • difficulty B+ - C
  • Spannagel, Hintertux
    • you get there by cable car from Hintertux
    • difficulty C
  • average rental price of the climbing set  10 Euro/day, climbing set rentals
  • detailed overview of all routes
  • interactive climbing map

Indoor climbing centres
... the bad weather solution

Swimming Pools & Lakes

  • outdoor swimming pools
  • artificial ponds (swimming ponds with no chlorine)
  • thermal outdoor swimming pool
    • in the village Hintertux (small but nice)
  • lakes
    • lake Durlaßboden in Gerlosu - nice to swimm, restaurant Seestüberl or Finkau, pedal boat rental, on the way to the Krimmel Waterfalls
    • lake Achensee - not in the Zillertal - from Fügen it's 25 km - nice landscape, boat trips, hike and bike trail along the lake, bike rentals (even electric bikes), kitesurfing

Another Activities

In line skates & longboard
  • Zillertaler Promenade
    • hike trail along the river Ziller, mostly tarmac road
  • Achensee
    • trail along the lake Achensee (20 km from Zillertal)
    • apx 13 km long tramac road
Children's & other playgrounds
  • in the village Fügen (in the forest near the small church Marienbergkirche)
  • Freizeitpark, Zell am Ziller
    • children's playground
    • minigolf
    • beach volleyball court
    • tenis and squash court
  • Mayrhofen (all near to the cemetery)
    • children's playground
      • one is next to the minigolf and second one is in the forest
    • beach volleyball court
    • minigolf
    • skate bowl
Skiing @ the glacier Hintertux
Adventure & Action
  • the river Ziller in the part from Hart to Schlitters
    • daily fishing ticket 30 Euro /from 6 am till 9 pm / maximum 1 kg of fish
    • tickets for sale in Hotel Erzherzog in Uderns
  • Gerlos 
    • lake Durlassboden
    • daily fishing ticket from 24 Euro (you can take up to 4 fishes)
    • tickects for sale in the restaurant Seestüberl (by the lake)
  • Mayrhofen
  • lake Achensee